Squiggly Spell Check

OK, why? A simple question that almost never gets answered right. Well, ask yourself this, have you ever switched platforms, or programs, only to find the one feature you rely on so much, to be the one seems to prevent you from staying on task?

Well, that's exactly what happened to me, I recently (reluctantly) started spending some time with Windows 7 and found to my surprise, a system that seem stable and hey... even fun to use! (OK, I know I know blasphemy by some peoples count, even in my own circles. But hey, gotta give credit when it's due!)

But then... my trouble started, coming from a platform where every text entry has built in visual spell checking, I discovered just how much I really relied on the feature (and perhaps, the reason I flunked spelling so bad :-)

So, my search began (after all, a good software developer is a pure form of lazy and should first see if somebody else has done it right?). Hi and low, I looked for the feature, in just a simple text editor (and free of course). Well, that didn't work. Some may say at this point, why not write it yourself? I refer back to the pure form of laziness as my excuse to simply try living without the feature.

Skip ahead, two months later, that obviously failed, because I went off and wrote one... didn't I?

Implemented features


Possible new features


Some disclaimers.

  1. I choose notepad++ since it's open-source, and seems to have a large following. These two features will of course help weed out any real issues long term.
  2. I wrote this for my own gratification, that means I used the tool kit I know (QT) and this may add undesired dependencies for the purists in the group.
  3. This is alpha software, there is at least one known design flaw, and some features may not work in the way you think they should, but rather in the way I thought they should... please don't be upset or complain that it's wrong
  4. Last point noted, I welcome constructive criticism, I make mistakes, and am grateful for any and all appropriate feedback.

Thanks for trying... have fun!